Roasted Almond Honey Butter

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Roasted Almond Honey Butter I have yet to find an Almond Butter in the store that I like. While at Sprouts, I decided to buy some raw almonds and give it a go. Finally, a delicious almond butter with some complexity. The roasted, salty and sweet flavors all play well together and are truly better […]


Simple Paleo Mayonnaise

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Simple Paleo Mayonnaise¬† This has to be one of the most simple recipes ever to come out of the Primo’s Kitchen. From this simple recipe, you can add fresh herbs and seasoning to transform it into a super flavorful dressing, condiment or dipping sauce. Give it a try and experiment with different flavors!

Paleo Roasted Beets

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Paleo Roasted Beets Something new I discovered — the amazingness of roasting your own beets. They are sweeter and much more flavorful than your supermarket variety, and at $1.99 for 3 large bulbs, you’ll never go back to canned! I chose to serve mine along side a delicious Spring Salad Mix with a simple olive […]

Paleo Rice, Cooking on Stove, Paleo Recipes

Paleo Rice

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I’ve stated before that one of the hardest things for me to kick when going Paleo, is the rice. Searching the internet, I stumbled across something fairly interesting: Paleo Rice. At first, I was skeptical. It calls for using pulverized cauliflower to mimic the consistency and texture of rice. Sound weird? Ya, I thought so […]

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