Grilled Lebanese Kofta

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Grilled Lebanese Kofta

Kofta is a traditional Lebanese grilled meat dish, very similar to a hamburger patty but with a ton more flavor. It’s usually served with pita bread, but it’s just as good sans bread and wrapped in lettuce with tomato and some fresh red onion. You can also take the raw meat and form it on a skewer, like a kabob.

Grilled Lebanese Kofta

Serves 6
Prep time 15 minutes
Cook time 15 minutes
Total time 30 minutes
Dietary Diabetic, Gluten Free
Meal type Dinner, Lunch
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  • 1lb ground beef (80/20)
  • 1/2lb ground lamb (substitute with ground beef if you must)
  • 2 Large onions (finely chopped)
  • 1/2 bunch parsley (italian flat leaf, finely chopped, no stems)
  • 2 teaspoons 7 Spice
  • salt
  • pepper


Step 1 Using a food processor, add your onions and pulse until finely chopped -- draining any liquid that results.
Step 2 In a large bowl, add your drained and chopped onions, meat, parsley, spices and combine until well incorporated. Your hands are really the best tool for this!
Step 3 Form meat into patties (like a hamburger).
Step 4 Grill on a barbecue (or grill pan) until cooked to desired doneness (try to stay at medium or below).
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