Define Primo



Noun: the leading or upper part of a duet
Adjective: of top quality or importance
Spanish Translation: cousin

What’s in a word?

Whether we’re speaking English or Spanish, the word primo describes perfectly the aim of the paleo lifestyle as well as Vince and myself. In English, it can mean either a duet or top quality and importance. In Spanish, it means cousin.

So what does this have to do with anything?

The primal or Paleo lifestyle involves placing a great deal of importance on your health, well being and diet. It means eating right and keeping the machine fueled. It means always being ready to act and perform at the highest level possible. We pride ourselves on using the best of ingredients, from grass-fed, hormone free meat to organically grown vegetables and herbs. When it comes to our fitness, it means sacrificing and feeling pain to conquer that next challenge. Squeezing out that last rep or dragging ourselves out of bed on a Saturday morning to lace up our shoes and hit the pavement for a run.

Vince and Louie have been friends for over a decade and just over the last few years, discovered a healthier way to live. Frequents of the late night breakfast, Vince and Louie would make a contest out of who could eat more. A common late night snack was cinnamon toast and chocolate milk — talk about healthy. Then they discovered Crossfit, which comes with a ton of Paleo propaganda.

In 2012, Vince and Louie went Paleo for 30-days to see what this thing was all about. After loving the results the first time around, they’ve decided to go Paleo for 90-days, maybe even longer. They will take you on the Paleo journey, not as experts, but as two common guys with busy lives just like yours. Attempting to prove that if they can do it, so can you. We’ll create recipes that taste good and review ones that don’t. We’ll show you that people do occasionally fall and that it’s okay — we’re human. We’ll have good days and bad ones. But at the end of the challenge, we’re confident that the results will outweigh the sacrifice.

Welcome cousin, you’re now our primo! Your journey with us starts HERE

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